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Camping in France

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Camping in France

Thinking about going camping? Then you might want to think about camping in France.

France is one of the top camping destinations because it is rich with natural beauty that makes any outdoor activity like camping a truly worthwhile and memorable experience. One of the reasons campers go to France is because of the country’s characteristic grandeur. From coastal views to mountain scenes, from vineyards to forests, France has the geographic variety that campers look for.  The sheer number of campers that go to France during the camping season shows how much they love the combination of rich natural resources and French culture. From beautiful coastal sites to majestic and pristine mountain campsite,France has a lot to offer campers around the world.

French Campsite Amenities

France offers a multitude of choices for campers, from the most basic type of campsite to campsites that have additional amenities and varying levels of comfort and convenience. Like hotels, campsites in France each have their own star ratings, with the number of stars increasing as the number of amenities and extra services increase.  However, be careful not to assume that the more expensive the camping facilities are, the better they are.
There are campsites which offer luxurious dining, swimming pools that rival those from top resorts, and professional landscaping. Some sites feature full entertainment facilities. Nights filled with dancing and singing are normal in these kinds of camps. Those close to a great mountain or forest trail offer hiking activities that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. It all depends on what you want to experience when you go camping in France.  With more than 10,000 campsites in the country, it is certain that you can locate your ideal camping ground there.

Camping Reservations

Because of the large number of campers who flock to France, campsites accept advanced reservations. When you find the right campsite for you, it is best to contact the campsite management and make arrangements ahead of time so you won’t have problems when you arrive. Be aware that July and August are the peak holiday months when tourists and locals alike like to camp. These two months are the peak season, so if you are thinking of camping during these months, you should book early.

Campsites all over France offer a pretty great alternative for vacationers who want to visit different parts of France with just the minimum of expense. Even with camping fees, it is still cheaper than renting one or more hotel rooms for your family, for any length of stay. 

Choosing Your Camping Locations

The most popular camping sites in France are located in Normandy and Brittany, but they aren’t necessarily the best ones the country has to offer. There are thousand of others to choose from. Do your research and be sure to check out the sites located in the inner part of the country, towards the farms where vineyards and valleys with deep rivers flow. Going inland will give you a closer look at the vast vineyards that line the French countryside. You can have wine cellar tours if your campsite is nearby and have a taste of the various kinds of French wine, which are famous around the world.

In choosing a location, think about the sights you want to see. There are sites near France’s shores that give campers a great view of the sea, where activities that involve the sea and water can be organized. Meanwhile, campsites located inland feature hills, valleys, vineyards, forests, and mountain rivers. Mountain scenes and activities are more prominent in the western parts of France.

If you want a camping site that has the beach on one side and the mountains on another, you could go camping in Les Pêcheurs in Côte d’Azur. Because it is centrally located, you can take a drive in any direction and participate in any number of activities.

If you want to go camping in Southern France, you can enjoy the great scenery, the beaches, and the fishing villages unlike which you will find anywhere else, with nearby cities of Monaco, Cannes, and St Tropez.

In addition to coastal or mountain scenes are old towns located near the campsites. Exploring these fascinating towns and villages are a great plus for campers. These towns are added attractions. The rich cultural heritage of the towns, with their charming houses and buildings, are quite an interesting thing to see. The local food in France is often quite exquisite as well so the dining experience, so it is a great bonus to the overall experience. Nature and culture are among the best known reasons why people go camping in France. The fact that both can be enjoyed in the same trip is certainly something worth considering.

Campers can go around the country and enjoy the diversity each campsite can offer. Aside from the villages in the area another good reason for camping in France is sightseeing among the numerous medieval castles and other historical sites.  Make sure to refer to some camping guide books to see what other attractions can be found around a specific campsite. Some marvelous attractions might just be found within the camp or in towns nearby. Explore and enjoy the possibilities.

Other Considerations for Camping in France

Lastly, if you’re a foreigner you want to make sure to always bring your travel documents with you. Always carry with you your passport and insurance cards. If you will be renting a car, make sure to have your driving license with you. Make certain that the car is well equipped with emergency devices like a spare tire and a warning triangle (as required by French law.)

Speaking of French law, you should become familiar with France’s camping laws before your trip. There are some restrictions and guidelines that campers must follow when they pitch their tents in France. It would be best to buy a camping guide, since some guides will give you an outline of such requirements.

 These are just some things you may want to consider when thinking of camping in France. Remember to choose your camping site wisely and to bring camping guides with you for reference. Reserve early to help make your camping trip to France a truly unforgettable one.

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